You Have Enlightened Me

As an educator, I appreciate your style and found this a marvelous learning experience. But mostly, appreciate what you have done for me as a clinician. I have been making Orthotics for over 20 years at a rate   of about 10 pairs a week. I have never wanted to attend a foot course because I didn’t want to limit my attention to the foot alone… you have ENLIGHTENED me in many ways and provided an affirmation that what  I’ve been trying to do with my Orthotic isn’t too far off the mark. You’ve also opened my eyes to some new research opportunities.

I get it now!

 This course makes me look at low back pain patients differently – it´s all connected – I get it now!

Anatomy and Fact

I liked that this course is based on anatomy and fact; not bandwagon. I enjoyed Richard´s sense of humor.

The Best Presentation

I´ve been to a lot of courses over the years – this was THE BEST overall presentation – exceptional powerpoint slides/video, great lab assistants and a first rate instructor (Richard Jackson). The whole course was excellent!

Some Amazing Thoughts

Amazing Thoughts About The Human Pelvis, Crossroads of Function!
I’ve heard a lot of great things about this course – and they´re all true!

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