Q.  How Much Does the Course Cost to Attend?
A. Each three day course is $550.

Q.  Does Anyone BUT Richard Jackson Teach These Seminar Courses?
A.  No. Richard is the only person teaching these courses.

Q.  Do I Get CEU Credit/s for these Courses; If so, How Many?
A.  You receive 20 contact hours for each course. You should call your state to see if they qualify for CEU credit. Some states we get CEU approval, but not all.

Q.  How Do I Schedule a Private Session of the Back Eval Seminar?
A.  Call our office for more information.

Q.  Who Can Attend?
A.  PT’s, MD’s, DO’s, ATC’s

Q.  Why Can’t PTA’s Attend?
A.  The Human Pelvis: Crossroads of Function is 40% evaluation and the Functional Relationships course is 60% evaluation. PTA’s are not licensed to do evaluations, therefore we feel that the courses are inappropriate for PTA’s.

Q.  How Much Hands-On Practice Will I Get?
A.  Two and a half days are spent in and out of lab. Both courses are definitely “hands on” with close lab supervision.

Q.  How Large are the Classes & What’s the Student-Teacher Ratio?
A.  Class size ranges from 30-60. Student teacher ratio averages 12:1. Each lab assistant covers 5-7 tables.

Q.  I Work in Pediatrics/Geriatrics, Will This Course Benefit Me?
A.  Does your patient have a pelvis? Does your patient walk? If the answer is yes to the first question, you can benefit from the Pelvic Girdle course. If the answer to the second question is yes, you can benefit from the Functional Relationships course.

QI have taken other S-I Courses; is this Course going to be Different?
A.  Oh yes, it will be different. This is not another osteopathic course. This is a research based course that attempts to simplify the material for maximum clinical effectiveness.

Q.  How Far in Advance Can I Register for a Seminar?
A.  If the course is listed on our site, you can sign up for it.

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